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You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.

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Madala Surf Bali Finds Perfect Waves In Secret Spots, Giving You The Best Experience

The only premium surf school on the island of paradise, Bali!

Paradise awaits you…
Come and join our Madala surf family and make your bali vacation unforgettable!
At Madala, we are more than just surfing.

With us you will:

  • Surf epic waves
  • Meet new friends
  • Get the local knowledge 😉

We teach all levels and ages!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, or a highly advanced surfer looking for those deep barrels and secret spots.
Our team are all fluent in English and water safety experts – we also love working with kids!


Welcome, we are Madala Surf Bali!

We are located down south on the Bukit Peninsula, just 30-40 minutes drive from the airport and the famous Kuta Beach.
We are lucky to be surrounded by the best surf breaks in Bali! 
Some of our favourite spots include:

Some of our favourite spots include:

  • Airport right
  • But we also have some secrets 😉

Our goal is to make our students better surfers.
We set our standards high, and we’re always working hard to achieve this goal.

We have 100% focus on you and your surfing goals.
Along with our high-quality surf-coaching, we offer the best value for price on the island and support our awesome local instructors.

At Madala Bali, we have developed our own unique philosophy based on the story of how we were founded.
, Ready to meet the team?
If you would like to learn more about our Madala Surf team
drop on in, and…get to know us! Don’t be a stranger.

Where can you find us?

We are located on the Bukit Peninsula in southern Bali. One of the most popular beaches and surf spots in Bali visited by both local and international tourists.
Just a 30-40 minute drive from the airport and the famous Kuta beach, we are lucky to be surrounded by the best surf breaks in Bali!

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Madala Surf Lesson Plan

  • We welcome you with hugs, smiles and family vibes! We’re all about love, respect, gratitude and providing you with the ultimate surf experience.
  • We organise your surf lesson at a beach in our area where the waves best suit your level, depending on the surf conditions of the day!
  • We’ll do a quick stretch, warm up and introduce the surf equipment and water safety.
  • Then we’ll cover basic theory (standing technique, how to paddle in-out, how to fall off and what to look out for)
    Finally we’ll talk about the water safety, giving you info about the line up.
  • You’ll also receive feedback during and after the session, to make sure we can take you to the next level!

Our Specialties

Good vibes, good times, good waves!

Madala Surf Bali specializes in all surf lessons, coaching, and surf experiences.

If you want the best surfing experience of your life, you have come to the right place.

Bali Surf Course

Surf Lesson

Learning surfing has never been so fun! All our lessons are run by professional coaches and will take your surfing ability to the next level!

Surf Trip

Are you an adventurer? Love to chase waves? Love a strike mission?
We know all the spots, all the waves, and we can give you the surfing experience and memories of a lifetime.

Private Boxing

Want to improve your fitness?

Meet us in the boxing gym!

We offer group and private classes for all levels, giving you a great workout and taking your boxing skills to the next level.

Video analysis of your surfing

Seeing yourself surfing on videos is one of the best tools for an efficient progression. Very often, what you think you are doing on the surfboard, and what you are actually doing, are two different things. This is why we film the surfing lessons with professional camera equipment. The best way to identify your technical mistakes is to see them for yourself, and have an experienced coach clearly explain to you how to correct them. All of your surfing videos will be classified in a personal folder on our iPad, so you can also take a look whenever you want.

Xperience with Madala Surf Bali

Be Ready

Find the most beautiful surf spot and get the best surf experience of your life!

Surfing in Bali

Bali is the most beautiful and unique place in the world. Come to experience the best waves , the most beautiful spots and the incredible culture.

to find out which spot is perfect for you!

Surfing Levels



Focus on :

  • Basic Surf Equipment
  • Security Aspects
  • Basic Paddles Technique
  • Taking Off on the Surfboard
  • Learning Surf Etiquette

Pass The Break & Stance

Focus on :

  • Getting comfortable in the waves.
  • Turtles Rolls.
  • Puching Through.
  • Standing up on white water waves & small “green” waves.
  • Adopting a proper stance to move weight efficiently while keeping balance.

Catching & Dropping Unbroken Waves

Focus on :

  • Positioning to catch waves by yourself (where to sit & move to).
  • “Sticking” onto waves before the break using your head’s weight.
  • Padding & Timing to paddleto paddle into unbroken waves.
  • Dropping straight down the wave with a proper stance.

Reading waves, angling the take off & drawing your line

Focus on :

  • Wave reading basics.
  • Predicting peelng directions and speeds.
  • Angling the Take Off right or left.
    Improving the Stance : accelerating & slowing down.
  • Trimming vs Carving.


Intermediate Surfer

Able to :

  • Paddle through the break.
  • Paddle into unbroken waves.
  • Angle your Take Off.
  • Draw your line Right or Left.

Intermediate Surfer

Focus on :

  • Generating speed on a Wave.
  • Improve your positioning.
  • Improving your Stance.
  • The bottom turn.
  • Advanced Surfing Equipment.

Practical Intermediate Manouvers

Focus on :

  • Understanding manouver decision-making.
  • How to Cutbacks.
  • How to Floaters.
  • How to do Top Turns (Carving).


Advanced Surfer

You can do one or many of these :

  • Vertical Snaps.
  • Get Barreled.
  • Throwing the Fins.
  • Laybacks.
  • Tail Slides.
  • Airs.
  • & more.

Our Lovely Customers Reviews

Camden Carter
Camden Carter
June 11, 2024.
Englai was the best! Loved our two days with him. Felt very safe. We were catching a bunch of waves by the end. Thanks Englai!!
Britt V
Britt V
June 9, 2024.
Echt een mega fijne surfschool! Zijn super geduldig en leggen alles goed uit! En je krijgt zelfs gratis foto’s wat ook heel leuk is! Als beginner is dit echt een dikke 10 ❤️
Mirte Tijsma
Mirte Tijsma
June 3, 2024.
I couldn't recommend Madala Surf Bali more, with its excellent teachers and a great atmosphere! During my classes with Englai, who’s an amazing instructor, we focused on refining my technique with the help of video analysis. His gentle and enthusiastic approach ensured that I could safely push my boundaries by surfing bigger spots and switching shortboards, which significantly improved my surfing in just a few sessions. I wish I could have spent more time surfing here, enjoying this incredible place and its wonderful people!
Doranne Van Zanten
Doranne Van Zanten
May 6, 2024.
Wij hadden een semi private les geboekt bij Madala Surf Bali en zijn er zeer over te spreken! Andy, die ons les gaf, had zeer veel geduld en legde alles goed uit. Al met al een zeer goede ervaring dus.
Samsul Bahri
Samsul Bahri
May 5, 2024.
The first of all i would like to thanks to the Team for amazing surf experience.they way they treat me Unforgettable! I definitely Be back as soon as possible 💯%✓
Difen Duha
Difen Duha
May 3, 2024.
Madalasurfbali is the king of teacher! they are very passionate instructor , expleaning the exact things to correct in the form. highly recomended
Ameya Gupta
Ameya Gupta
April 12, 2024.
Had an incredible experience with coach Luther. We did a semi private class with him for 2 days, and he coached us so well. We did beginner surf coaching around the world and he was one of the best instructors we’ve had. He cared about our safety encouraging only waves that were appropriate size and even surfed behind me at times to help me dodge bigger waves. He helped me transition onto a hardboard. Couldn’t recommend a better instructor than Luther.
kaique cunha
kaique cunha
April 10, 2024.
A school full of spirit with the best teachers. Madala was the best choice!!
PJT’s Channel
PJT’s Channel
March 20, 2024.
Learn how to surf here! Profesional and fun surf teacher!!!
Eiren Nathasya
Eiren Nathasya
March 18, 2024.
Highly recommend Englai as a surf guide and coach. Professional service and his knowledge of the ocean is very wide. 💯

Anything you need please don’t hesitate to get connect with team advance.

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  1. Please kindly prepare your self by come in at the meeting point 20-30minutes before the lesson started.  Bring your own equipment such as bag, towell, additional cloth etc.
  2. We can’t accept participant with congenital disease or condition. So then the Madala Surf Bali is not responsible if the participant ignore this warn.
  3. With buying the class pass you signed a contract. Which said Because physical exercise can be strenuous and subject to risk of serious injury.

Click the “BOOK” button then you will directly go to interconnection to send your book via whatsapp app. Then just click “Message”. Our services will get you directly.


We serve 2 type of the payment method, the first one is by bank transfer and the second is on the spot payment. Both are still need to be transfer the down payment 50% before then the booking declared complete.

  1. Each package that cancel will be charge as 20% then the money will be refund along 15-20 days after. 
  2. Each package that cancelled at the day can’t be refund of any reason.

Madala Surf Bali provide the surf board of beginner to intermediate level. Advance Surfer recommended to bring your own.