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Bali has a nickname as “The Island of God”, because it is.
It is because the uniqueness and beauty of the Island of Bali that will never be the same with any other area that you ever been in your life.

The culture, people, beaches, mountains, rice terraces and more make it the most beautiful place to explore and engage your soul.

Many tourists come here to explore the beauty of Bali because it is so amazing. It’s the perfect spot to get the perfect shots for your social media!

When talking about Bali, it’s impossible to miss the beautiful beaches that exist. It’s just that, why don’t you go to Bali just to go on vacation without trying the sensation of surfing which is often the target of local and foreign tourists? Surfing has been one of the main attractions of Bali since many decades. Bali is always on the list of surfing spots that must be visited by surfers in the world. Whether you are a beginner trying to stand up on a surfboard on your first wave or a seasoned surfer hoping to encounter big waves at one of Bali’s legendary spots, even a professional can still find unforgettable surprises from the spot. Surfing has been one of the main attractions of Bali since many decade. its not only that, The friendliness, fun, peace, and beauty that Bali has, makes it one of the most popular islands in the world

Why Surf
in Bali ?

There are waves for all levels of surfing every day of the year!

With the Madala Surf Bali surf team you will be guided to find the best Surf Spots in Bali, perfect for your level.

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The Surf Spot insight

With Madala Surf Bali best team you will guide nicely to know about the basic how to understand about the Surf Spot in Bali by the level of your Surf Lesson status. So don’t hesitate to keep connect with us. 



By read this knowledge, we guide you to find the best spot of your surf lesson.

1. Padang – Padang Beach

2. Dreamland Beach

3. Kuta Beach

4. Jimbaran Beach

5. Batu Bolong Beach

1. Padang – Padang Beach

2. Medewi

3. Keramas

4. Green Bowl

5. Kuta Beach

6. Kuta Reef (Airport)

7. Old Man

8. Echo Beach

9. Berawa

10. Uluwatu

11. Bingin Beach

12. Balangan

1. Padang – Padang Beach

2. Uluwatu

3. Keramas

4. Bingin

5. Balangan

6. Srilanka