ULUWATU : Uluwatu is one of the best surfing destinations in the world. Also known as ‘Ulu’ or ‘Ulu’s’, the stunning sea view, crystal clear blue water, caves, and the temple offer the perfect backdrop for surfing.

There’s no shortage of great surfing spots in Bali, but if you’re looking for amazing waves and a truly unforgettable experience, Uluwatu really is the place to go!

Uluwatu is actually a cluster of 6 different left-hand reef breaks on the southwest tip of the Bukit Peninsula. From the far left point to the right you’ll find Secrets, Temples, Bombie, Peak, Outside Corner, and The Racetrack. But in summary, it’s an epic cluster of punchy and hollow reef breaks, and one of the premier surf spots in Bali. This world-famous surf spot is located on the southern tip of Bali, and it offers up some of the best waves in the world.

But it’s not just for the advanced barrel-chasers. There is no better place to learn to surf, than a destination like Bali where you can find also find mellow beginner waves, that are uncrowded and the perfect opportunity to get into the green. It’s also a great place to sit, have a beer with the sunset and watch experienced surfers (even some pros) take on advanced surf.

The best time of year to surf Uluwatu is during the summer months, from June to August. This is when the waves are at their biggest and best, making it the perfect time for experienced surfers to catch some serious waves. But also if you’re a beginner surfer or if you’re just looking for smaller waves we can always find them. Our team knows all the spots.

September to November is the best time to visit Uluwatu if you are a total beginner as the waves during this time are a bit smaller and more manageable, making it the perfect time to learn how to surf and practice your surfing skills. Even if you’re not a surfer (or let’s be honest, partner of a surfer), Uluwatu is worth a visit just to enjoy the stunning views and watch the pros ride the waves.

So, what are you waiting for?

Pack your board and head to Uluwatu for a surf trip in paradise that you’ll never forget.

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PADANG PADANG BEACH: Padang-Padang beach is well-known as the host of the Rip Curl Padang-Padang Cup, where professionals from all over the world come to surf this famous break. Many surfers travel far and wide to score this beautiful wave.

Are you a beginner in surfing?

Don’t worry! Padang Padang beach has 2 areas for surfing. 

There is a wave called baby padang (also known as padang padang right) which is a slow peeling, soft mellow wave that is perfect beginner lessons and intermediate progression. Because the waves are not that big, it’s very suitable for learning. Padang Padang Beach is very safe, and also protected by lifeguard’s so you can rest assured there will always be water safety nearby. 

Padang Padang Right” is perfect for beginner surfers as the waves are not big and it’s a beautiful mellow spot. We should mentioned that when it’s high tide, this long, unbroken wave is an ideal spot for practicing your technique and taking that next step from surfing white water to unbroken waves (on the green!).

KUTA : The most famous beach in Bali as it is believed to be the place where all the Bali tourism started. The long stretch of white sand provides a beautiful coastline and a safe bottom for surfers of all levels. Kuta is absolutely perfect for beginners learning to surf for the first time.

Surf schools, board rentals and surf shops are easily found anywhere in Kuta. It’s a beach-break with both right & left’s that are suitable for any shape or size board you choose! The sea bottom is sand and usually works best on the mid-high tide.
But be warned! In the wet season after a lot of rain, the water can get a little murky…

Dreamland beach : This is one of the most beautiful (and unknown) beaches in Bali. It is called “Dreamland” because it is not only known for beautiful surfable waves, but also presents a thriving social scene. This is a must-visit hidden gem for anyone traveling to Bali. Not only the waves are beautiful and suitable for surfing, but the beautiful, soft white sand is perfect for sunbaking and chilling. You really can sit back, relax and enjoy the ‘dream’ of Dreamland.

For surfing, dreamland has many places that work well depending on the tide. Sometimes the shore break can be a little hectic, so beginners watch out! Make sure you have a guide with you.

Thinking of surfing in Uluwatu? Come and join the Madala Surf School family to find the best, uncrowded waves - whether you’re a complete beginner or a total pro!