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Learn to surf with the best surf school in Bali, come and join our family!

We are here for you!

Bali offers lessons and waves from total  beginners to those who are really at the top of their game (those pro’s)!.

 One of the most important things you can do to make the most out of your surfing experience in Bali is to find a good surf guide that has the experience and education to bring you to the best of of your surfing abilities, find the best waves and do so safely..

To maximize your experience, you will want ot have surf lessons with feedback and FUN, so you don’t have to stress and can only focus on improving your skills. 

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If you are looking to meet new people & make friends on your trip,  madala surf bali is a must! With us it’s so much more fun, because we bring people together, we’re always making new friends and connecting people. We also know the best spots around! If socialising is not your thing, we also offer private surf lessons and surf camps you can book in with our surf school also.

Professional Surfing Guide You Can Trust

  • A surfing guide is a must not only for searching out the best uncrowded surf spots, but it’s the best and fastest way you can excel quickly in surfing.
    You will increase the amount of time you spend riding and catching waves (even if you’re a little competitive 😉

Our teaching system

Nias - Telos Island Surf Trip Now Available!

Only USD 980,16 | 10 Days Trip Activities


Nias is a term for islands and archipelagos located in the west of Sumatra Island, Indonesia, and administratively within the territory of North Sumatra Province.
This island As one of the most exotic destinations in the world and also the largest of a group of islands on the west coast of Sumatra, inhabited by the majority of the Nias people surf point at nias called “Sorake point” is famous for its consistent waves and very safe for all level surfers, so it is very suitable for surfing activities. nias has tourist attractions such as: surfing, traditional houses,waterfall, diving, hombo batu (stone jumping).
Because of the good quality of the waves at Sorake Beach, this beach has been used as the location for world-class surfing championships, such as the South Nias Open Surfing Contest and Nias Pro, which were participated by participants from various countries. Although this beach is like a paradise for professional surfers, that doesn't mean beginners can't enjoy the waves at Sorake Beach.

Surf Lesson Bali and Surf Lesson Uluwatu

Wonderful Nias Island Surf Trip
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The Telo Islands are one of the beautiful and unspoiled in indonesia. due to its remoteness here is distinctly different from the rest of NIAS. For some people call it a hidden paradise. This place has not been exposed to the outside world, but its beauty is extraordinary! If you are a surfer, or want to become one — heck, even if you are the partner or a child of a surfer — it’s probably about time you learned about this Indonesian chain. That’s not only because they offer some of the most untouched and beautiful tropical islands on the planet, but also some of the surfing world’s most user-friendly waves.
The combination provides one truly unique vacation for every type of ocean-loving holidaymaker. Telo is like a wondrous dream in Indonesia. The Telo Islands are completely hidden and far from the bustling world of the cities. This is a holiday for surfers, couples and families that are looking to get a little lost.

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Telos 4

*Boat Trips for Surf, Snorkel, Fishing exploration
Boat price to nearby islands:

  • Rp. 500,000 – Rp. 1,200,000 (for 4 pax)
  • Rp. 600,000 – Rp. 1,000,000 (for 6 pax)

Wonderful Telos Island Surf Trip
Sight Seeing

  • At the beginning we will cover your basic surfing skills to build a foundation. This will include where you position yourself, your paddling technique and determine your current level and personal goals for surfing.
  • We’ll work on how to paddle well,catching your own waves and turning. We’ll also practice some land drills before heading in the water and review all the sessions from the day!

We have 2 types of payment methods:

  • You can pay 50% down payment by bank transfer to secure your booking.
  • Or you can pay 50% down payment on the spot (in person)

A 50% down payment must be made to secure your booking.

*Please note:

This Surf Trip Package does not include the flight.

Please kindly note this information.

  • For each surf package we charge a 20% non-refundable deposit to cover our costs to organise the boats, equipment and accommodation.
  • If you need to cancel your trip, we understand! But we have to ask for a deposit because we have upfront costs to cover before you arrive 🙂
  • Please note for Surf Trips, Madala Surf Bali does not provide you with a surfboard.
  • If you need to rent a surfboard for your trip, please contact us and we can help you to find the best rental in Bali!
  • BBQ
  • Days Effective
  • Surfing
  • Spearfishing
  • Snorkelling
  • BBQ
  • Bonfire
  • Explore the beauty of Telos

– 10 days
– Daily surf
– Land drills
– Daily video analysis
– Surf theory
– Small group min 6 ppl/per-trip
– Big group max 10 ppl/per-trip
– Amazing and certified coaches
– Personalized approach

– Detailed video analysis with all videos – for free
– Personal feedback & analysis at the end of the week

– Anyone who is keen to learn more about surfing. However, you will need to be able to catch your own waves to be able to participate. If you are complete beginner ,you can visit on any other date to learn the basics of surfing.
– Intermediate – Advanced Level.
– When : November 2022 | Friendly weather; wave; wave size 3-4ft the set could be 5ft, but the wave are gentle on this month.

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Most frequent questions and answers of Surf Trip Package

1. Please kindly prepare your self by come in at the meeting point 20-30minutes before the lesson started.  Bring your own equipment such as bag, towell, additional cloth etc.

2. We can’t accept participant with congenital disease or condition. So then the waves rhythm is not responsible if the participant ignore this warn.

1. All of the package is included Home Stay as each day.

2. Madala Surf Bali provide accomodation transport only from Home Stay to Surf Point,

Click the “BOOK” button then you will directly go to interconnection to send your book via whatsapp app. Then just click “Message”. Our services will get you directly.

1. We serve 2 type of the payment method, the first one is by bank transfer and the second is on the spot payment. Both are still need to be transfer the down payment 50% before then the booking declared complete.

2. The Surf Trip Package is not include flight. Please kindly note this information.

1. Each package that cancel will be charge as 20% then the money will be refund along 15-20 days after. 
2. Each package that cancelled at the day can’t be refund of any reason.

Madala Surf Bali is not provide the surf board. So before you go to start the lesson at the day, please kindly prepare by your self or you can contact us where you can find the surfboard rent outlet.